The JUGGERNAUTS would like to welcome for the fist time,

the following team to the FIRST family:

Team #
3548 Lamphere High School Madison Heights, Michigan


...and wish continued success for our friends who started in 2010:

Team #
3302 Clawson High School Clawson, Michigan


...and in 2009:

Team #
296 Birmingham Seaholm High School Birmingham, Michigan
1213 Birmingham Groves High School Beverly Hills, Michigan
3060 Roeper High School Birmingham, Michigan
3098 Waterford CTE and Kettering High School Waterford, Michigan


...and in 2008:

Team # School Hometown
2410 Blue Valley North High School Overland Park, Kansas
2457 Lawson High School Lawson, Missouri
2560 Grandview Consolidated School District #4 Grandview,Missouri
2431 Detroit Northwestern High School and STEM

Detroit, Michigan

2591 Davis Aerospace Tech High School Detroit, Michigan
2608 MiGHT Home School Farmington Hills, Michigan
2612 Waterford Mott High School Waterford, Michigan
2620 Southgate Anderson High School Southgate, Michigan
2627 Grace Center for Arts & Technology Ann Arbor, Michigan
2137 Oxford High School Oxford, Michigan


Good luck in the 2011 season!