Tubie Trouble

Game Rules

Two alliances will play at a time on the court (red and blue) and there will be two teams in each alliance during the seeding matches. For each team in the alliance, two student drivers, a human player, and a student coach are the only ones allowed on the playing field or in the staging area.Game Layout

The game pieces are assemblies of three 3" diameter PVC pipes (a.k.a. "tubies") that are 7" long. There are 20 of these tubies in play during each match. The scoring structure has four colored ramps that connect to a central platform. The scoring ramps for each alliance are identified by the color that is randomly assigned for each match (either red or blue). Tubies score points when placed into the holes on the ramps and when placed up on the rotating arrow on the central platform. Each robo that gets into the end zone at the end of the match also scores points.

The object of the game is to build a robot that can pick up the tubies and place them in scoring positions by the end of the match. Each alliance is assigned a color and has two ramps of that assigned color (either red or blue). The human players will be on the field for the first 15 seconds of the match and may not place tubies on other teams' robots or on the field structures. They may not place more than 2 tubies on their own robot.

The match score for an alliance will be calculated by adding: The number of points from the tubies on the ramp (2-points each) 5 points for the alliance that the arrow is pointing toward at the end of the match, 5 points for each tubie on the arrow (for the alliance that the arrow is pointing at), and 5 points for each robot that is in the end zone at the end of the match.

Each match will last two minutes. The score for each match is determined by the position of the tubies and robots at the end of the match. The alliance with the highest amount of points is the winner. The winners of the match will each receive 10 bonus points plus their match score. The losing teams will receive only their match score.


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