Let's Rock

Game Rules

The OCCRA 2007 game is called "LET'S ROCK!" Teams play a set number of matches in which they are randomly paired with an alliance partner. Two alliances (the red and Game Layoutthe blue) play at a time on the court and there are two teams in each alliance. If a team is unable to compete, the remaining team in the alliance plays alone for that match or with the help of a league-supplied substitue robot (a.k.a. the "placebo"). The winners of the match will each recieve 10 bonus point plus their ball score. The alliances change with each seeding match and the team with the most points at the end of the matches wins the tournament.

The object of the game is to score more points than your opponents. Scores are tallied at the end of each 2 minute 15 second match. Each alliance has 3 different kinds of scoring goals of their color: a low rack or "trough", a set of 4 rocking "cradles", and a central scoring structure. Any of the 24 small balls that are placed in the troughs or central scoring structure score 1 point each while the 9 large balls score 3 points apiece. An opponent may not remove balls scored in the central scoring structure but balls placed in one of the troughs or cradles may be removed before the end of the match. A ball that is placed into a scoring rack during a match but removed before the end of the match does not count as a score.

The first 15 seconds of each match is the time when the totally autonomous 18" VEX robots attempt to put the 5 pedestal balls into their scoring troughs. Officials will remove any of the 5 pedestal balls that do not get scored by the end of the autonomous period. The next 2 minutes of the match are played exclusively by the full-size robots.

Each allance has two "human players": the "Shooter" may throw balls into the goals and the "Feeder" may feed the balls to a robot. The human players must stay entirely within their own designated zones during the entire match. If a human player steps out of their zone while a ball is in their possession, the ball will be taken and returned to the field of play. Human players may not intentionally throw balls at spectators or the opponents' human players, drivers, coaches, or robots. Human players may pass balls to each other.

Robot interaction is allowed and expected anywhere on the field. This includes pushing, shoving, bumping, blocking, and fighting for position. However, robot action/contact intended to disable or damage the opponent is forbidden. Pinning a robot for more than five (5) seconds and preventing them from moving is not allowed. A robot may not intentionally flip an opponent's robot over or block an opponent from placing balls in scoring position by covering the opening at the top of the scoring goals ("goaltending"). A robot may attempt to steal or push a ball from an opponent at any time. Which contact is allowable is left to the referee's discretion. Referees may issue warnings of rule infractions to teams; if issued a warning, the teams are expected to stop the infraction or face possible power loss and/or disqualification. A yellow flag thrown by a referee indicates that an official warning orange flag will be thrown to indicate that a team has been disqualified.



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