Football Frenzy

Game Rules:

The 2008 OCCRA game is called "Football Frenzy". OCCRA robots will be kicking, passing and catching footballs in this year's head-to-head competition. The competition structure randomly pairs robots from two different schools in an "alliance" against two robots from an opposing alliance. The large robots may weigh as much as 120 pounds and be as much as 40 inches tall at the start of the match. The little VEX robots may be as tall as 18 inches at the start of the match with no weight limit.

Matches start with a 15-second "autonomous" period during which time the VEX robots are run by a computer program loaded earlier. During the first 15 seconds, only the VEX robots will move. During the autono ous time, the VEX robots score 6 points for each field goal that they make. After the autonomous period, bot the VEX robots and the larger robots have two minutes to score points under the radio-control of student drivers. Teams may each have five students on the fiedl during the matches: 2 drivers for their big robot, one driver for the VEX robot, one "Human Player", and one coach.

Scoring for the VEX and the large robots score one point for each ball that they have in their lower goal at the end of the match. The large robots score 3 points for each field goal that they make during the match, and they score 7 points for each touchdown. Touchdowns can only be scored with the brightly colored orange and purple footballs that are put into play during the last 30 seconds of the match. The teams on the winning alliance each get ten additional points per match. At the end of the tournament, the team with the most points is the winner.

Robots are not allowed to shoot field goals from beyond the midfield line. Human Players are allowed to pass footballs to each other, but not allowed to pass footballs over the midfield line. Robots are allowed to push and shove their opponents. OCCRA robots play rough and some damage will surely occur; but the rules prohibit teams from intentionally damaging another maching. A "Placebo" robot is available for use if a large robot is not able to compete in its match.



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