This year, the Juggernauts continued our mentoring of new FIRST teams.

We want to be there when they take their FIRST Steps!

Our newest mentored team is from Lamphere High School.

They are Team #3548, the Lamphere Battering Rams.

We can inspire a lot of people, but we can always use help from others. Having a strong educational foundation allows us to be an asset to teams who don't have the expertise that we have. It is our hope that these new teams will, in turn, be able to go out into the community and "spread the word" about FIRST and science and technology. To this end, we have mentored several FRC rookie teams, along with 2 FLL teams. The Juggernauts provide helpful materials and assist in many ways, including a "How-to" video, an 84 page instructional guide, and workshops for building robots. We also support the teams via routine phone calls, emails, and team visits. We open up our shop to teams who need to fabricate robot components. This year, we are mentoring team #3548 Mentoring Lampherefrom Lamphere High School. Besides the normal support, they have been visiting our team meetings to learn more about the team dynamic and team building. For team building, we also distribute a CD at regional competitions demonstrating the activities we do.
The Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association, OCCRA, continues to be a larger part of the Juggernauts' year. Our team is still involved with keeping the league functioning. Students receive training through various off-season workshops, along with once a week meetings with engineers for design review and questions. Our district has been able to provide 20+ schools in Oakland County with AndyMark Chassis, Transmissions, and other robotic components that have helped a dozen teams make the jump to FRC. The support our district has provided to schools in Oakland County has enabled many schools over the years (like Lamphere) to join FRC comfortably.

The documentation provided to these teams is available here.